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I lift my eyes to the hills — where does my help come from? ​My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.

Psalm 121:1-2

Servant-hearted leadership for your children.

At Heart for the Home, we believe that the right nanny can make ​a profound difference in a family's life. We specialize in ​connecting Christian families with compassionate, energetic, ​and dedicated live-in nannies across America.

Inspired by the values of faith, service, and community, our ​unique approach leverages the expertise of military wives to ​source and screen each nanny, ensuring a perfect match for ​your family's needs.

We have you covered!

Connecting like-hearted childcare providers and families.

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Ou​r Mission

We are more than just a nanny agency; we are ​a community of faith and fellowship. Our ​mission is to serve Christian families by ​providing them with caring, responsible ​nannies who share their values and are ​committed to bringing love, care, and light into ​their homes. And to serve our employees, ​militar​y spouses, with flexible remote work.

Our Expertise

Utilizing the unique skills, geographies, and ​dedication of military spouses, we have crafted a ​meticulous screening process that not only ​assesses skills and experience but also aligns with ​the core Christian values. Our team understands ​the importance of trust and faith in child care, ​making us a preferred choice for families looking ​for more than just a helping hand.

Ou​r Nannies

Our live-in nanny program offers young, ​motivated individuals from across the country ​an opportunity to become an integral part of a ​family. Like au pairs but domestic, our nannies ​live with the families, helping to nurture and ​care for their children as if they were their own. ​We help coach first-time host families with the ​best methods to interview, onboard, and retain ​th​eir nannies.

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Some of our Nannies

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Sa​n Antonio, Texas

Bi​lingual, Loves to Craft

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Lo​cation Flexible

At​hletic and Outdoorsy

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Ea​st Coast Preferred

Lo​ves Infants and Babies!

Finding a Fit

Shared Values

All our nannies are committed to creating a nurturing, positive, and ​wholesome environment. They respect and support the spiritual and moral ​upbringing of your children in alignment with your family’s beliefs.

Expert Screening

Leveraged by the reliability and integrity of military spouses, our screening ​process includes thorough background checks, personal interviews, and ​skill assessments to ensure the safety and compatibility of all parties ​involved.

Community and Support

Join a community that supports each other like family. Our network of ​Christian families and nannies provides a supportive environment, sharing ​experiences and growing together in faith and love.

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The Seal

of Approval

Hear from the families who have welcomed our nannies into their homes ​and hearts, sharing their experiences of increased joy, support, and faith.

“Joining Heart for the Home was the best decision I have made for my career! As a ​nanny with only 2 years of experience, I was looking for a team that prioritizes the well-​being of both nannies and families. Thanks to Heart for the Home, I was able to quickly ​and effortlessly find a family that aligns perfectly with my values and childcare ​approach.”

Matilda D. (Nanny)

“Using Heart for the Home has been a game-changer for our family. We were in ​desperate need of finding reliable childcare for our two young children, and within a ​very short period of time, we found the perfect nanny match. I love that a military mom ​met and screened each candidate for us, and used our shared values as a guide. Our ​family feels confident in our choice and couldn’t be happier with the care our children ​receive.”

Lauren P. (mother)

What’s the difference between a Nanny and an Au Pair?

We specialize in finding junior nannies who are just like an Au Pair in experience level,

but are not international. What are the advantages?


Junior Nanny 

Au Pair


Gaining experience as a professional caregiver

Young adults from a foreign country on a cultural ​exchange program


Varies from just babysitting experience to 1-2 years in a ​nanny role or preschool position

Typically has babysitting or childcare experience, but ​may lack formal training. 


Can vary, but most are under 30.

Legally, an au pair must be between 18-26 years old to ​secure a visa. 

Start Date

Available immediately.

Depends on availability and timeline of securing a J-1 ​visa, typically 8-10 weeks 

Living Arrangement

Lives with the family. 

Lives with the family. 


May or may not offer opportunities for language or cultural ​exchange. 

Offers opportunities for language and cultural ​exchange. 


Often more flexible; hours/duties  negotiated based on ​agreement. 

Limited to 45 hours per week***; set hours and duties. 

Length of Stay 

Flexible: a minimum of 1-year contract, but no limit to length 

Restricted: Legally, minimum of one, but no more than ​2 years.  


Must have a US Driver’s License - easy to background check

May have an international driving permit - hard to ​background check

Background Checks

Easy to do using a nanny’s Social Security Number prior to ​hire

Difficult to obtain, if possible.(varies by country) 


$3,000 One-time Placement Fee$400-550 Weekly Stipend+domestic plane ticketTtl Estimate: $24,000+

$11,000+ Placement Expenses*$200-300 Weekly Stipend**$500 Educational Grant+international plane ticketTtl Estimate: $24,000+


Contract provided by Heart for the Home, and pricing/terms ​are agreed to between the family and nanny.

Terms are dictated by the law. Pending legislation ​threatens to increase the weekly stipend to $720 per ​week (with a maximum $130 deduction for room + ​board)

*Au Pair pricing pulled from this link and is as of 5/14/2024.

**Current Legislation threatens to increase this to the state’s minimum wage, as much as $720 per week

***Legislation threatens to limit this to 40 hours and then overtime pay


Teen Nanny with Cute Baby on Green Grass Outdoors

Co​llege students

Su​mmer Nannies

$2,000 Placement Fee​

$400 per week

Nanny with Baby in Stroller Walking in Park, Back View

Si​milar to an au pair

Junior Na​nnies

$3,000 Placement Fee

$400-550 per week​

Happy mother with children sitting at home

3​+ years experience

Ex​perienced Nannies

$4.500 Placement Fee

$​600+ per week

There is no obligation to

Heart for the Home unless you

want to hire one of our nannies.

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Frequently Asked

Hear from the families who have welcomed our nannies into their homes ​and hearts, sharing their experiences of increased joy, support, and faith.

How do I find the right nanny for my family?

Talk through with your spouse the qualities and qualifications that are important to ​you. You might want someone with experience in early childhood education, or ​someone who shares your family values or faith. Our agency can help match you ​with candidates who meet your criteria and have been pre-screened for their ​experience and background.

What kind of background checks are conducted on nannies?

We use a third party to run a criminal background check, verification of previous ​employment and references, a sex offender registry check, and possibly a driving ​record check (if the nanny has a driver’s license). Since we source nannies ​domestically instead of internationally, this information is much easier to obtain.

How do we handle nanny contracts?

A nanny contract is crucial as it outlines the expectations and responsibilities of ​both the nanny and the employer. A Heart for the Home will provide the contract, ​editable to your needs, for signature by both parties. Typical items included are ​hours of work, salary, overtime, benefits, job duties, house rules, and conditions for ​termination.

What if the nanny isn’t the right fit for our family?

It’s important to address any issues early with clear and respectful communication. If ​the arrangement isn’t working out despite efforts to resolve differences, our agency ​can assist in mediating discussions or finding a replacement nanny to better suit ​your family's needs. All nannies start on a provisional basis for 10 weeks and if it isn’t ​a fit in that timeframe, we will find you a replacement nanny free of charge.

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